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Prince trading company is a well established Handicrafts manufacturing and export company, with its base in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. We started our journey in the year 2002, with an aim to provide unique and innovative assortment of handcrafted products. Under the path breaking leadership of our mentor Mr. Shahzad Ahmad, (Director of the company), we have witnessed steady growth over the years. Today, we are named among the most, promising Exporters, Manufacturers, Traders and Suppliers of Wooden furniture’s Products, Antique Items, etc. Benefiting from the rich expertise of our skilled team of professionals artists, we have created a distinct identity of our own.

Our artists continually strive for innovation and latest designs in order to keep themselves updated with changing market trends. The offered assortment comprises handmade tables, Antique Look Gramophone, Ceramic Elmira, Fruit Basket, Incense Box, Metal Wall Brackets, Table Top Item, and more. The entire gamut is demanded in national as well as global market segment owing to its high aesthetic appeal, eye pleasing designs, and exquisite look.

Prince trading company are member of world craft council as well as world craft council (Asia pacific region).

About Saharanpur handicrafts history

Wood carving is found all over India. While sheesham   is the most widely used type of wood, mango, teak, rosewood, ebony, sandalwood, walnut and deodar are also used. Intricately carved wooden pillars and doorways can be found in temples and palaces across the country. With royal patronage being replaced by market dynamics, wood carving is now mostly found in functional articles like furniture, bowls, boxes, lamp stands, etc.

Historical Evolution

Artistic woodwork began as a temple and palace craft, and flourished alongside architecture and sculpture. Depending on local availability, different woods were used for wood carving, and fashioned into religious, decorative and functional articles. Over time, various centres of wood carving emerged, each with its distinct style.
Today, Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh is the principle center for wood carving. Here, the origins of the craft can be traced back to the late 19th century. Closely associated with architecture, wood carving incorporated the design vocabulary of architectural carvings. It was also influenced by Kashmiri designs, with many of the craft persons having descended from Kashmiri immigrants. These influences continue to reflect in contemporary products like the finely chiseled screens and jaali work and the anguri or vine leaf pattern found in many Saharanpur products.
With its development into a major hub for woodwork, wood carvers from other centers have also migrated here. As a result, Saharanpur can boast of a wide and highly skilled repertoire of techniques and products, catering to both the domestic and export markets.

About the Craft: Brass Inlay

A delicate and demanding craft, brass inlay work or tarkashi, is done on hard woods. As with wood carving, inlay work shows its early links with architecture, and many of its floral and geometric designs are similar to those found in stone.


Prince Trading Co

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