I feel pleasure to introduce our Team at Abacus study and be a part of it.

Looking back at the history of  Abacus, Abacus is an ancient tools was used in doing Arithmetic functions (moving beads on rods up and down which have specific value )   by visualization  and its usage was mainly found in Japan and China.

Our team at abacusstudy have developed the Abacus Teacher Training course and Abacus for Kids in systematic manner which can easily be understood  and implemented in daily life.

Contact Information

  • Address:  Dhobi Ghat, Jawahar Park Saharanpur 247001  (U.P) INDIA
  • Phone: (+91) 975 897 4592
  • Email:  abacusstudy.india@gmail.com
  • Website: http://abacusstudy.com

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