Vijaysar Tumbler was founded Mr. Javed in 1995 and has earned its standing as one of the leading firms working in the field of Vijaysar Tumbler. For several years now. We pride ourselves on superior quality, reliability, professionalism, and cost effectiveness in our every product and service.

Is Vijaysar Tumbler really effective in reducing blood sugar levels ? Answering this question was not easy at all , it took more than 20 hours of research to write a review on  vijaysar tumbler also known as diabetic tumbler. Vijaysar is a herb which has anti diabetic properties as per Ancient Ayurvedic text and heart wood of vijaysar tree has pterostilbene – which can rejuvenate beta cells in pancreas, lowers inflammation, triglycerides and insulin resistance.    but complexity arises about the Vijaysar Tumbler and if drinking water stored in night is really effective in blood sugar levels. Sorry for not being able to answer the question straight. As the subject is complicated I have broken it into few more subjects to understand and take a decision.

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